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Got some stuff you would like to get rid of, but it's still too good to throw away? Just comp it!

Feature Highlights:
  • ★ Integrated messaging system: Chat with the interested party within the app!
  • ★ Hearts: The more hearts a gift has, the more popular it is!
  • ★ Commenting: Leave remarks, ask questions, or take part in conversations about a gift.
  • ★ Push Notification: Unread message notification!
  • ★ Available in major languages!
  • ★ No annoying ads!
  • ★ and much more...

Just comp it:

  1. Upload the object with a short description inclusive a picture and offer it with Shara to other users.

  2. Now goes: 'First come, first serve'. The first interested party can guarantee himself your object and you may get in contact with him through the Chatroom.

  3. 'Deal or No Deal' – It's up to you. If the deal was not completed the item will be relisted.

Would you rather throw your favourite old stuff away or give it a new home? Just comp it with Shara!