For the first time, freeze snapshots with crazy filter effects from multiple camera live-views to arrange artistic framed compositions. Mix and match from a wide range of realtime effects and beautiful image frames within seconds. Tons of fun effects and awesome frames all in the free app:
  • ★ brand-new filters effects (all customizable)
  • ★ collage-frames and backgrounds
  • ★ individually combine and fine-tune any filter and frame
  • ★ multiple, simultaneous camera feeds
  • ★ what you see is what you get
  • ★ rounded corners, perfect for facebook profile images
  • ★ torch light
  • ★ many supported languages (English, Spanish, German, French...)
  • ★ preview functionality for additional packs

Styles and Shapes:

Extend your retouched styles and shapes at the theme market! Find new camera filters and image frames packs for your retouched available through the ease of in-app purchase. Once you picked up a new add-on pack you will enjoy tons of new combinations. Mix and match to find your favorite!

  • retouched standard pack:
    • Gamma: Play with the pixel intensities and see what happens to the image brightness and shades.
    • Mono: Good photographers only need black tint to express their feelings. Try to mix the contrast look!
    • Vintage: Like grandma´s cam, warm and monochrome! Purposely add vignette to make your images have an even more decorative vintage look.
    • Cartoon: Cartoonize your pics! There are different colors for your cartoon!
    • Edges: Highlight the edges of your image! This style paints the edges in fantastic colors.
retouched standard pack

The shapes and frames of this pack are amazing! They replace fee-based apps completely. Select from different options to create a fantastic image collage.

  • Cartoon pack:
    No painting skills? Create your own funny comics using different techniques!
    • Roy: Pop-Art at its best! What would Roy Lichtenstein say to this camera style? One thing is for sure: Your friends will be amazed at your new Facebook pic!
    • Pixel: From coarse to fine! Capture a series of something, start with big pixels and refine the them at each image.
    • Points: Funny composition of dots that makes your image look like printed!
    • Ballpen: Like if some sketches the scene quickly on a paper.
    • Toony: As it was painted by an cartoon-expert!

  • Frames:
    • Pop Art: Look into the Pop-Art mirror and wonder how you would look like if Roy Lichtenstein had painted your portrait.
    • Just add a cartoon frame to your art-work!
    • Stamp: Create your own stamps! (Tip: combine this with different styles)
    • Wanted: I want him dead or alive!
    • Sketchbook: Quickly capture the moment inside your sketchbook.
retouched standard pack

Simple steps to create your first amazing snapshots:

  • Step 1

    • Select the style and adjust the effect slider.

    • retouched tutorial part1a
      retouched tutorial part1b
  • Step 2

    • Select the frame, adjust the border and lock the images into place.

    • retouched tutorial part2a
      retouched tutorial part2b
      retouched tutorial part2c
  • Step 3

    • Save your composition to your device. The image is now available in your images folder.

    • retouched tutorial part2c