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Explore your world through nearby pictures. Find and share places with your friends with PicsAround, an interactive "walk-in" gallery, available for iOS!

Feature Highlights:
  • ★ 3D picture compass
  • ★ Publish, modify and comment pictures, that are instantly visible throughout the world!
  • ★ Advantages of geo-tagging technologies!
  • ★ Guidance and Routing
  • ★ Share with your friends on social networks, like Facebook or Twitter!
  • ★ FREE and without annoying ads!

Interactive "walk-in" gallery:

PicsAround allows you to easily find and share places in your nearby surroundings. Open up the app, and pictures taken in your surrounding are presented to you in a live compass manner. Turn around, and a whole new world of pictures reveals itself in front of you.

See something interesting you would like to share? Just create a picture with PicsAround, and add a title and description to it. Now everyone will be able to see that image when they also are in that vicinity.

Be creative and paint your city with wonderful places!

By tapping on a picture, one instantly sees the additional information related to that place. You may also want to know where exactly that picture was taken. By using the built-in Navigation system of your device, you will be instantly directed to that location.

Cannot wait for a head-worn-display-like experience? Try exploring the world today through your smartphone and contribute to this creative fun network!

Video tutorial: