AugmentedGallery allows you to add extra information such as text or images to realworld locations. These places are instantly visible within AR browsers such as junaio or Layer on the BirdsView channel, or simply with any modern web-browser on the AugmentedGallery website.

Below you see how tagged places look like seen through AR-browser views (left junaio, right Layar), the user will see the extra information you have created attached to images of the realworld location. If you want to visit one of the nearby places you can let the traditional google map-view show you the route from the current smartphone position to the point of interest.

AugmentedGallery is a web application available for desktop and mobile devices, providing a powerful location management interface that lets you easily create, edit and manage your places as you please. With only a few taps, your place is instantly visible for the world to see.

Don´t want to install an AR-browser? No problem! Visit AugmentedGallery within a normal web-browser and search for places:

Simple steps to create your first Augmented Reality experience:

  • Step 1

    AugmentedGallery tutorial part1
    After you logged in successfully a new menu appears inside the map-view. In there, click "Create" on the right-side.
    Note: Among others the menu offers also an "Edit" section for managing your personal places.
  • Step 2

    AugmentedGallery tutorial part 2
    By using the zoom and pan tools of the map-view you can navigate precisely to the place where you want to tag information. Locating the place accurately helps other users finding the spot from within the AR-browser. Fix that place by clicking on that point inside the map.
  • Step 3

    AugmentedGallery tutorial part 3
    Once you fixed a point the "Point of Interest"-form appears. Fill this form with information you want to add, describe it like: "This bar is really an insider tip!" or "I love this romantic spot in the park". A good description will help other users finding what they would never have found without your hint. Tip: Also add nice images to maximize the AR experience.

    Press "Submit" and that´s it! Your content will be instantly visible on all major AR-browsers, for the world to see!