• 1-2-Table

    12Table icon
    Need to keep track of some values from your workout or some data from your last experiment?
    Create simple intuitive custom tables with 1-2-Table in no time! Learn more...
  • Shara

    Shara icon
    Got some stuff you would like to get rid of, but it's still too good to throw away?
    Just comp it! There is always somebody who will jump with joy :) Learn more...
  • PicsAround

    PicsAround icon
    Discover a complete new experience of finding and sharing insider places through images!
    With PicsAround, pictures taken in a defined radius are presented to you in a live compass manner superposed to the real world. By picking a direction, discover the city in an interactive way, with pictures revealing themselves on the screen.
    Think you have just found the next best thing? Just take a picture of it with PicsAround and share it with fellow users... Learn more...
  • retouched

    BirdsView retouched icon
    Everything starts with creativity!
    With retouched, freeze snapshots with crazy filter effects from multiple camera live-views to arrange artistic framed compositions.
    Mix and match from a wide range of realtime effects and beautiful image frames within seconds... Learn more...
  • AugmentedGallery

    BirdsView AugmentedGallery icon
    Our content management system AugmentedGallery allows you to easily create places on our website or directly from your mobile device. These are instantly available on all major AR browsers, ready for the world to share! AugmentedGallery belongs to the official Junaio Channel Creation Tools and allows non-experts to contribute to the world of Augmented Reality. Learn more...

  • Augmented Reality Browser Channels

    AR Browser Channels by BirdsView
    Access our Augmented Reality channels by downloading your favorite AR browser such as junaio, Layar or Wikitude. As soon as you have installed one of those free AR browsers you can search for "BirdsView" and explore our channels on your smartphone.